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Marietta Payroll Services First Month Free

Payroll Services have been provided for years to small business.

Our Job is to help you run your business without the pressure of manual calculation of payroll and tax withholdings. We do all the work for you.


ACR Quickbookkeeping located in Marietta, GA processes payroll with the best products offering personalized service.

We Provide the following


  • Direct Deposits with detailed Paystubs
  • Support for Wide range of pay types
  • Sick, vacation and Holiday pay accruals
  • Federal, state and local tax calculations
  • Voluntary deduction calculations
  • Paycheck printing
  • Online employee access to pay stubs
  • Contractor payments
  • Multi-state payroll
  • 100% Guarantee 
  • Full Convenience - You submit payroll online, by phone or by fax
  • Personalized Service - A live person is always available 
  • Complete - Liabiities calculated, tax deposits made, returns filed.
  • Time Tracking Available
  • Workmans Compensation available to select business types.
  • Import Payroll Data into Quickbooks or SageACR Payroll Pic Stub
  • Employee Online Access to paycheck stubs, W2
  • View Payroll reports at anytime
  • Online access from anywhere


1. Pay employees
Get Instant paychecks, print checks or use free direct deposit.

Each Payday - provide us employee hours we'll do the rest.

2. Pay payroll taxes
All Federal and state payroll taxes calculated for you and paid.

3. File payroll tax forms
Never worry about upcoming tax  obligations we take care of everything .

Tax Form Filings Includes

  • Federal Tax Deposits
  • Quarterly 941
  • Annual 940s and 944s
  • Employee W-2
  • 1099-Misc Filing
  • State Tax Deposits
  • Quarterly State Tax Forms
  • Annual State Tax Forms
    Tax forms automatically filed and taxes paid electronically.

4. Easy to Read Reports

You'll get easy to understand, detailed reports of current payroll information

Detailed Reports include:

  • Payroll Summary
  • Paycheck Details
  • Deductions
  • Last Paycheck
  • Employee Detail
  • Contractor Detail
  • Tax Liability
  • Tax and Wages
  • Total Pay
  • Tax Payments
  • Workers' Comp
  • Check Register
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Billing Summary
  • Total Cost
  • Retirement Plans
  • Contractor Payments

5. Easy Workers' Compenstion Payments Easy

Control cash flow by eliminating large down payments

Pay Premiums one pay period at a time, Avoiding year-end surprises

Save time - No checks to write and minimize audit activity



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